Saturday, April 12, 2014

Raising a "Techie Child"

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I am always on the fence when it comes to giving handheld devices to my child. On the one hand, I want her to learn how to read books. Yes, actual books. I want her to play and get messy (ok, not too messy!). I want her to interact with kids her age. 

But in reality, the iPad is my solution to almost anything. It's a distraction and an effective attention drawer for a toddler who has very little patience inside the car. It saves us a lot of drama and meltdowns. I also get things done, like wash the dishes or .. poop! 

Watching Peppa Pig - I love that she copies the accent. :p
The other day I was in the middle of a terrifying conversation. There she was, a mom of three, non nonchalantly saying why she would NEVER give her children handheld device. She talked about radiation, inappropriate content and everything else that is wrong with the world. She even said her husband's left leg felt numb after some years of placing his phone inside his left pocket (didn't they say it also causes infertility?? hello, three kids!)

I said terrifying coz it really was terrifying for me! For the first time, I felt inadequate as a parent. I felt that I was doing everything wrong. And for some reason, even just for a little while, I doubted myself.  As they kept discussing the evils of technology, I concentrated on my lunch. I nodded in points that I agree with but otherwise I kept my mouth shut. I just knew that there's no winning in this discussion. 

After much thought and crazy conversations in my head, I realized I shouldn't have doubted myself. Heck, I was doing a good job with my kid! And you know what? I won't stop giving her the iPad just because somebody said its not right. 

It's 2014. We all have handheld devices. We all use the internet. It's not a surprise that children in this generation would be interested in these things. I grew up watching Sesame Street on TV. I boast on the fact that I speak English better than the kids my age who just played with rocks (not that playing with rocks is a bad thing, they're probably better at lifting than me! You know what I mean...)

What's the difference between watching Sesame Street on TV and the iPad? None! Its the same thing!!  Technology is not the problem here. We just need to set boundaries. Here is a good article that reinforces my point:

10 Reasons Why I Will Continue To Give My Children Handheld Devices

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment!
Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Baby and The Hives

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This post has been sitting on my drafts for some time now. I just couldn't make myself finish it. When I said B got sick during our vacation, she really got sick. The kind that needs to be hospitalized! 

It was so hard to see her in pain. The only consolation was that her medications made her sleep most of the time. 

It all started here: 

With Tita Jack and Lola - Paradise Resort
This was taken during our first week in the Philippines. We went to a beach resort with the family. See the sand? It wasn't fine at all. At one point, she slipped and wounded her knee. Of course, we cleaned it up and expected it to dry up normally. 

Three weeks after the incident, her wound still won't dry up. It has pus and it got big. In fact, it became three mounds of angry yellow pus. I decided to bring her to the ER coz she's nursing already. 

We had blood work done and of course the results weren't good. The doctor told me that 1) we have to be admitted in the hospital but since B was still active, 2) we could go home and give B antibiotics on the condition that we bring her back after 2 days. 

We decided to just treat her at home. She was given oral antibiotics (Oxaclen [Cloxacillin Sodium]) and a topical cream for the wounds  (yes, woundS because we noticed that her elbows had some nasty cuts as well)True enough, they dried up. We went back to the hospital after 2 days to get another set of blood work. Results were good (as expected) so we went home happy. 

We were very busy by this time because our flight was the next day. I left B with the nanny while I finished errands. When I came back home, B had nasty rashes She was still active then but with slight fever. I thought she developed the rash because of the heat so we washed her up and kept her comfortable. When her rashes were not going away and she suddenly became clingy, I took her to the ER once again. In a different hospital this time.

That's when she got confined. The doctor said it could be an allergic reaction to the medications she took for the wounds. Apparently, sometimes there's a delay in the manifestation of the allergy. B was given steroids and antihistamines. 

We are just so thankful that we got through this without any other complications. And I would also like to thank her pedia, Dra. Maricel Juson. I'm so glad that she still remembers us despite being away for 2 years! Special thanks as well to the nurses in Meycauayan Doctor's who assisted us. Thank you, sobra!! 


Thursday, March 27, 2014

And We're Back!

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Sorry for the lack of  updates. I didn't mean to ignore this blog. Its just that I've been busy since we came back from vacation. 

So much has happened and I really want to share it with you guys... I hope you're still there!!

Blakey enjoyed the vacation so much. She lost a weight (coz she's been playing non stop and she also got sick during our last few days ...more on that later) but she's gained it all back now. 


Finally, Blake met Lolo and Lola*.  It's so nice to be with the whole family. 

Anyhoo, watch this space for updates, reviews and what nots! We're back to regular programming. 


*Lolo - Grandfather
*Lola - Grandmother
Thursday, February 13, 2014

Flying with a Toddler

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B was four months old when she "experienced" her first plane ride. Well, of course, she did not really experience anything since she was just sleeping and nursing most of the time then. 

For weeks I have been stressed thinking of our vacation. Reservations, travel plans, packing (...I actually packed our stuff 12 hours before our flight!!) and the fact that I will be flying with a toddler. I just know that it will be different. B is much active now. She does not sleep as much so I have no idea what to do during the flight!

Anyhow, we had a very "normal" flight. We did not let B sleep the whole day hoping that she would just sleep and that's what exactly she did. Slept for most of the flight. That's good right? Yeah, good for her. Not much for me. B did not want lie down or sit on her assigned seat. I had to carry her the whole time! No sleep for mommy. :/ 

That's so much better than a crying toddler inside an airplane, yes? 

My next challenge was for our short domestic flight going to Davao (that's where my dad is from). That's about 2 hours but our flight is in the afternoon and I can't make B sleep. So, I have to think of how to entertain her inside the plane. We booked a budget airline so in-flight entertainment is out of the question. 

Davao  bound

Good thing we have a copy of Frozen on our iPad. That kept her busy for .... 1o minutes! LOLS

Here are some tips I found useful when traveling with a toddler:

1. Consider the time of your flight. - It is preferable to fly at night time so your little one is sleeping. But sometimes we can't avoid this (like our flight is at 4AM!) so I improvised. I let the little one play the whole day and night. She was so tired, she slept for most of the flight.

2. Bring entertainment. - iPad or books or toys ... anything that your child enjoys. 

3. Bring snacks. - I had crackers, some jelly, milk, grapes... anything B can munch on. I put them in small zip lock bags for easy access. 

4. Bring extra clothing. - Oh you know, for just in case she makes a mess. 

What other tips do you have for parents travelling with toddlers? (coz you know, I might need that on our flight back!)

We are still on vacation so I can't really update this blog often. You can check out the Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter for updates. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Coconut Macaroons

I've always loved coconut macaroons. I remember my aunt making these when I was a child. Just one bite and I was hooked. Growing up, I would always buy macaroons from bakeries and my personal fave is from Goldilocks in the Philippines. 

Things changed when I had a chat with Mommy Abi ( She makes delicious coconut macaroons! I thought to myself, why haven't I done macaroons before?? Oh yeah, I wasn't sure what to use!

She told me that she uses store bought dried (desiccated) coconut. The ones found in any hypermarket. For some reason, I stayed away from those bags. I really thought that those are for ...uhm ... "cooking" (not baking!) 

Anyway, I made some coconut macaroons during Christmas using Abi's recipe. It was an instant hit in our household!

I gave them away to friends and relatives during the holidays. And because its my favorite, I made lots of it so there's more for me! Here's the recipe:


2 cups desiccated coconut/sweetened coconut
1 can (250ml) sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla (optional)


Beat the eggs then mix all the other ingredients. Fill mini muffin cups 3/4 full and bake until golden brown.

* Note that I did not use a mixer. You can mix this all up without any equipments!
* I really don't know how long these should be baked coz my oven is wonky. However, I like my macaroons to be a little crunchy so I wait until they're darker on the sides. 


PS. This is where I got the recipe from. Thanks Abi!!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014!!

Ooops!! I'm still alive. Has it really been three weeks since my last post?! 

Got caught up in the holiday rush + family visiting that I did not even have time to update my blog (s).  My brother and nephews just left this morning and while I will miss them terribly, I am also relieved that I can now find more time to blog (Sorry brother!! I love you!)

The last 3 weeks has been hectic. We have been going to malls, waterparks, mountains. Tiring but 100% fun. Plus I got to spend time with B and the boys. But before I go into full blogging throttle, I leave you with this photo:

My Baby is all grown up!! 

Anyhoo, I will be sharing experiences, uploading photos and documenting everything on the blog (s) in the next couple of days so ... please bear with me. 

And oh, Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

C is for Christmas

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... And Cousins!!

I'm so glad that my nephews are spending the holidays here in Dubai. This is just one of their many "firsts". 

B and I haven't seen them since we left the Philippines about two years ago. She was just a few months old then so she doesn't remember them at all! 

After years of being apart, here they are playing as if they were together the whole time! Of course B is still doubtful. She would look at them suspiciously for a minute then proceed jumping. So cute!! LOLS. 

And because its the first time that we are celebrating Christmas with kidSSSS, I'm stressing over food and gifts. I haven't done any Christmas shopping!!

But first, I need to make a list. And check it twice! 

What's for Noche Buena?